Never Even Mine

How can one experience so much sorrow in a situation like this? It makes no sense. Here I am, feeling like I’ve actually lost something. When in reality, you were never even mine.

Part of me already knew that you and I couldn’t and wouldn’t be, especially after what’s happened. But then there was the other half of me that wanted to hold on. My mind tried to just let it go, while at the same time, my heart conflicted with a little hope for the future.

As difficult as it is for me right now to see you drifting and taking your interest elsewhere, I will not intervene. I will let you walk. I know that part of really caring about someone is letting them go to find happiness, and letting them really enjoy that happiness, even if it’s not with you.

I wish I could at least say that was us at one point, but you were never even mine.


I Should’ve 

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I know what I want.

It was you.

But still I pushed away,

The regret and wonder haunts.

I should’ve unveiled my feelings,

Taken a chance.

Let you in when you tried,

Buried my pride.

I should’ve showed you the sweet affection,

Gave you the time, the attention.

The way you did for me.

Sadly my eyes were blinded and couldn’t see.

I should’ve been giving you my energy,

Instead of putting it in someone else.

A direction I thought was worth it,

But brought more tears than smiles upon myself.

Now it appears the opportunity has faded,


Wishing there was a button to rewind,

To prevent you from moving on.


That it took me this long to realize.

At the same time,

Remaining strong as I say goodbye.

Whoever you end up with,

She’ll be one lucky person.

You’re a catch,

I’m very much certain.

I should’ve.